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Syracuse Commercial Construction

Whether you are looking to build out, or renovate an office space, Empire State Professionals a Syracuse Commercial Contractor, can help you with all of your commercial services needs. With a background in commercial construction and renovations, Empire state Professionals, inc can help turn your dream business into reality!

We love helping businesses create the ideal commercial space. Our services include:

  • Office renovation
  • Tenant fit out
  • Restaurant Remodeling
  • Shopping center remodeling
Commercial Services

Five Things To Keep In Mind For Commercial Renovations and Build Outs

1. Zoning

Before beginning construction you need to ensure that your renovation or build out complies with the local zoning ordinances. IF not, and your construction is not in compliance, you will be forced to seek a variance from the zoning board. Get turned down on your variance request and you’ve wasted time and money.

2. Codes

You need to ensure that your build out out renovation conforms to local code as well, including mechanical, plumbing, electric, fire, safety and more. Meeting specified codes requires planning before the actual work begins. 

3. Property Size

Does your property have enough space to accommodate your plans and ideas. Keep in mind that setbacks and area requirements must meet code and zoning laws. Make a mistake and you may find that you have to tear down construction work to be in compliance.

4. The Neighborhood

Its important to have a good understanding of the neighborhood. Are your future neighbors open to having a business like yours in their community? Do your design plans integrate into the existing architecture and style of the neighborhood. Even if legally you are fine, amy negativity or pushback from the community could cause problems for your business down the road.

5. Timing

When do you need your construction work to be completed. Its important that your contractor understand the timeframes and business reasons for setting them. Be sure to be in constant communication with your contractor in regards to changes in the construction timeline. Also understand that if you make changes to your design or plans this could push back the delivery date.

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