Considering a roof replacement?

Roof Replacement

Prevent any damage that may happen to your property with a new Empire State Professionals Roofing Services. With the harsh winters we experience in Syracuse, in addition to the constant rainfall and winds present throughout the seaons, it is important to maintain the durability of your roof. Maintaining the durability of your roof with either a roof repair or by totally replacing the roof will prevent any interior damage that may occur. Investing in a roof replacement now saves you money in the long run! Providing services for the Upstate NY area, Empire State Professionals, is fully licesnsed and insured. Highly capable and skilled contractors are hired in order to make sure that all the work completed is of optimum standards. Through dedication and diligence, our contractors work meets all deadlines that are set, and make sure the homeowner’s needs are constantly reached. In the end, our customers will have a hefty, reliable roof and customer satisfaction.

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Check out these four main reasons to repair or replace your roof.


The longer you live in your home, the less durable your roof becomes. Over time, it will beging to degrade and its purpose declines.

Return on investment

A new roof can add up to 75% of the amount invested onto the home value. Neglecting a roof replacement can decrease your property value.

Less stress

Next time a weather advisory is issued for high winds or heavy rain, do not stress about your roof’s durability.
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Affordable price

A new roof can be expensive, but Empire State Professionals provides different options to minimize the overall cost of the project.